Fung for Governor

Meet Allan Fung

"I'm running for Governor because I want to provide the next generation with the same opportunities that I was afforded. My sole focus is to get Rhode Islanders back to work. On day one of the Fung Administration, I will declare Rhode Island 'Open For Business.'

The Open For Business Plan


"My tax reduction plan will make Rhode Island one of the most business friendly states in the Northeast and assist in growing our economy from the middle out."



"We need to streamline the permitting process, remove archaic regulations, and be a partner to business, not an obstacle."



"Providing a world class education will provide a world class workforce, which will in turn provide Rhode Island with world class economic development."




"It is imperative that we have to have one strategic vision for the state. We need to leverage our assets in order to regain our market share that we have lost to our neighbors."


  • Record of Questionable Judgment and Failure of Leadership Show Treasurer Raimondo to be Unfit to Govern – Cranston – Mayor Allan Fung today addressed the latest revelation demonstrating that Treasurer Raimondo has a long-standing record of poor judgment and failure of leadership. The record shows clearly that Ms. Raimondo is unready to lead our state and now includes the fact that Ms. Raimondo, through her venture capital firm, Point Judith Capital, invested in Envista Corporation. Envista and Point Judith Capital … read more

  • Mayor Fung Successful Bringing Business to Cranston – Cranston – Today, Mayor Allan Fung visited a Cranston small business, Brutopia, to discuss his plan to create jobs in Rhode Island. Along with Brutopia owner Bert Sorbo, he discussed job creation in the City ofCranston and Fung’s Open for Business plan to turn around the statewide economy. Brutopia is a prime example of the economic development Rhode Island needs. “It takes leadership and real experience to help small and medium sized … read more

  • Comeback Story Highlights Fung’s Accomplishments and Leadership – Cranston – The Fung for Governor Campaign is airing its newest television advertisement, “The Cranston Comeback,” highlighting Cranston’s economic turn-around under the leadership of Mayor Allan Fung. On the first day of his administration, Fung inherited a structural budget deficit of $1.5 million. In successive years, the city lost approximately $20 million in revenue. The State of Rhode Island even labeled Cranston a “distressed community.” Mayor Fung stepped in to provide leadership … read more

  • Leadership Demands a Response – Cranston – Mayor Fung today called into account Treasurer Gina Raimondo for her lack of leadership at Rhode Island housing. “It is my understanding that Treasurer Raimondo has failed to attend a single meeting of the RI Housing Board of Directors in over one year, instead sending a “designee” in her place. Given the troubled history of this agency, it was crucial for Treasurer Raimondo to fulfill her fiduciary role and attend meetings personally to … read more

  • Voters Have a Clear Choice in November – Cranston – This evening, Mayor Allan Fung cited his substantial record of accomplishment and deflected false attacks by Treasurer Gina Raimondo to demonstrate why he is the best choice to lead as Governor of Rhode Island. Fung explained this evening why he has the vision, leadership, and necessary experience to turn around Rhode Island. He took charge of the state’s third largest city in a time of economic crisis and turned around … read more

  • Governor Romney Touts Fung’s Leadership – Cranston – Today, Mayor Allan Fung was pleased to host Governor Mitt Romney who was the featured guest at an event in Providence with supporters. In his remarks to Fung supporters, Governor Romney outlined why Mayor Fung is the right person to lead Rhode Island. “Governor Romney is a great example of a leader who can work across party lines to help turn around a state. As governor of Massachusetts, he worked with a … read more

  • Reduction is Key Component of Fung’s Open for Business Plan – Providence – Today, prior to participating in a job fair targeted to applicants seeking employment with retail businesses, Mayor Allan Fung renewed his commitment to comprehensive tax reform, including a reduction in the Rhode Island sales tax, as a key component of his Open for Business plan to bring jobs to Rhode Island. Throughout the past year, Fung has cohosted several job fairs with Providence Mayor Angel Taveras and … read more

  • Rhode Island Veterans Deserve High Quality and Effective Services – Cranston – Today Mayor Allan Fung stood with military veterans including members of Operation Stand Down and former Republican candidate for Rhode Island Governor, John Robitaille to call for better care, access and coordinated state level efforts to serve Rhode Island’s veterans. In outlining his plan, Mayor Fung called for a cabinet-level Director of the Division of Veterans Affairs to report directly to the governor. This structure will allow the … read more

  • While Treasurer Spends Millions on Higher Investment Fees, Financial Community Continues Efforts to Buy Rhode Island Election Cranston – The Fung for Governor Campaign today released its latest television advertisement in the race for Rhode Island Governor. The most recent ad steps up criticism of General Treasurer Gina Raimondo’s mismanagement of the state pension fund and centers on excessively high fees and poor returns as a result of Raimondo’s shifting approximately $2 billion – almost one fourth of the fund’s … read more

  • Cranston – Today, the Fung for Governor Campaign responded to a negative advertisement paid for by the American LeaderHership PAC attacking Mayor Allan Fung’s record of public service in the City of Cranston. Mayor Fung became involved in public service when he saw his friends and neighbors being adversely affected by irresponsible financial decisions by elected officials. “It’s understandable that the Raimondo supporters who bankrolled this fiction have no idea who Mayor Fung really is or his true record of … read more

  • Chairman of the Republican Governors Association to Campaign for Fung   Cranston – Today, the Fung for Governor Campaign confirmed that New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie will visit Rhode Island on Friday, October 10, 2014 to support Fung’s candidacy for Governor. Governor Christie is also Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, which supports Republican candidates for Governor throughout the U.S. “I am excited to welcome Governor Christie, the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, to Rhode Island,” stated Fung. “Governor … read more

  • Fung’s Plan Will Help Rhode Island Taxpayers The Providence Journal on Sunday did a side by side comparison of Mayor Fung and Treasurer Raimondo’s economic plans. Edward M. Mazze, the University of Rhode Island’s Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, said of Fung’s plan in proposing tax cuts and the streamlining of regulations is “pro-business, pro-economic development and pro-job creation.” According to URI economics Professor Leonard Lardaro, “Fung’s plan is realistic and a bit more encompassing than that of Raimondo. What … read more

  • Fung Plan Would Reform Tax Structure to Keep Retired Residents from Leaving the State. Cranston – Mayor Allan Fung, Republican candidate for Governor, today reacted to Rhode Island’s ranking as number one among the ten least tax-friendly states for retirees in the United States, according to Kiplinger Publications. Kiplinger cited state sales and estate taxes among the factors contributing to its bottom ranking for Rhode Island. All Rhode Islanders, from students to senior citizens would benefit from Fung’s comprehensive tax … read more